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JHRoerden was founded in 1972 as an electronics and telecommunications company before entering the photovoltaic solar energy field, where it was a pioneer in Spain, and establishing itself as one of the main distributors of equipment for photovoltaic installations.

Solar Energy

In 1978, when photovoltaic solar energy was practically unheard of, JHRoerden started working in this field, specifically in isolated installations and training. It became the first company in Spain to be involved with this new source of non-polluting energy and now, through the emergence of the solar market, it is a market leader in the sector.

JHRoerden's effective work in this field led to its being chosen as the Spanish distributor firstly for Siemens Solar in 1997, then for Shell Solar in 2001 and currently for SolarWorld, Kyocera, Rec, Wόrth, Avancis, Unisolar, Fronius, Solarmax, Lorentz and Steca. To achieve these results, the company is supported by a qualified team of professionals and certification from all its European manufacturers, in addition to TάV, EC and TάV CLASS II certification. This means that newcomers to the photovoltaic solar energy field can be sure they are in safe hands.

In order to offer a comprehensive solution, JHRoerden offers a wide range of high-quality and high-performance equipment, in addition to a technical department with proven experience in photovoltaic solar installations.

Thermoelectric Cooling-Heating and Electronics

JHRoerden is the Spanish distributor for Supercool Thermoelectrics products, which are based on the Peltier effect. The development and commercial application of the Peltier effect for cooling in medical equipment and small devices started in 1978. However, it has only been over the last 15 years that applications of the Peltier effect have multiplied considerably as a result of its capacity to transform heating and cooling technologies.

JHRoerden started working in the electronics field in 1972 by adapting to market demands and by offering high-quality and high-performance products. This is why major companies have placed their trust in us, including Protek, Mastech, Minwa, Fandis-Costech, Ria and others. And our portfolio now also includes highly sophisticated inverter equipment for the photovoltaic field by Fronius, Solarmax, Steca, etc.